Education: A.O.C.A Ontario College of Art; PhD in Art History, UQAM. 

Yvonne Lammerich has shown nationally and internationally since 1973. Her work is included in museums as well as corporate and private collections. Born in Germany, her practice has been based in France, Montreal, Toronto, and currently in Prince Edward County, Ontario. 

A selection from her exhibition history since the 1980’s includes: the Bonavista Biennale (2019); Voices; artists on art, at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (2018); Idiorrythmic at the Jinji Lake Art Museum in Suzhou, China (2016); Incidentally at The Nunnery Gallery, London UK and Empire of Dreams, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) in 2010; Common Ground, Southern Alberta Art Gallery (2008); Problems of knowing #1 and #2, the 1st Quebec International Biennale (2000); Universe Urban at the Musée du Quebec (1998); Modular Self-Organization at the International Artists’ Centre, Poznan, Poland in 1993; and in 1984 Peintures récents, Maison des Congrès et de la Culture de Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Lammerich has taught at Ryerson University, the University of Lethbridge, and  Zayed University, UAE. In Montreal she served on the Board of Optica as member and president, 1986 – 1993. She has consistently contributed reviews for Parachute, Vie Des Arts, ETC, Canadian Art, Esse, and Contemporary Magazine (UK) as well as essays for numerous artists’ catalogues.


2019 Le Vitrine, Montreal

2019 Abitation 1608, Bonavista Biennale, Newfoundland, August17 – September 15

2017  Voices: artists on art (joint project with Ian Carr-Harris), Artport Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario; circulated to the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (2018) and Zayed University, UAE (2019)

2016  Six Records of a Floating Life, a pavilion, for Idiorrythmic; Canadian and Chinese Artists, Urban Art Creation Project, Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou, China

2013  Ideal House Project (version 2013), Susan Hobbs Gallery

2012   Abitation and The Ideal House Project (joint projects with Ian Carr-Harris), Cambridge Galleries, Design at Riverside, Waterloo, ON 

2011 TMCA project Everywhere and Nowhere in It takes everyone to know no one; curator Ana Barajas, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery; 

2010  Incidentally (with Joan Key), The Nunnery, London UK

2008   Common Ground, Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG), with Nick Wade and Jan van Wijk, curator Joan Stebbins, Lethbridge, AB

2008 Belief, Diaz Contemporary, Toronto

2008 Abitation 1608 (joint project with Abitation 1928, Ian Carr-Harris, Trianon Gallery, Lethbridge AB

2006 Island, « Nature in the Garage: Exploding Wonder » (10 artists), Toronto, June 29 – August 6, curated by Janet Bellotto 

2004 When the Front is also the Back, part 1, site/specific installation: curator Yam Lau, Toronto

2000 Problems of knowing #1 and #2, 1st Quebec International Biennale, Quebec City

2000 Cake Walk, L’Algebre D’Ariane-Labyrinth, galerie Dar Dar, Montreal.

2000     Most Wanted, L’Algebre D’Ariane, les Brasseurs art contemporain, Liege, Belgium.

1998 De la transparence au noir et blanc: Jean-Marie Delavalle et Yvonne Lammerich, curated by Susan Avon and Joyce Miller, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, 

September 10 – October18

1998     Two Lips in Peinture Peinture, curators René Blouin, Christiane Chassay, Montreal.

1997     De la transparence au noir et blanc, with J.M. Delavalle, curated by Susan Avon and Joyce Miller UQAM, Montreal

1997     That What is Not, Galerie Occurrence, Montreal

1996 Matrice/Matrix, Musée Lachine, Lachine, Quebec

1994 Aleph, Yvonne Lammerich and Arlene Stamp, Galerie Optica, Montreal 

1993 Modular Self-Organization, International Artists Centre, Poznan, Poland

1990 Mémoire aveugle (with Denis Farley), Galerie Vu, Quebec City

1989 Dyal: Lumiere-Matiere-Model, Galerie Optica, Montreal 

1985 Yvonne Lammerich: Six Year Survey, Kitchener–Waterloo Art Gallery, ON

1985 Yvonne Lammerich: Poetic Reflections – Currents 1984–1985, Blackwood 

         Art Gallery, Toronto

1984 Yvonne Lammerich: peintures récentes, Maison des Congrès et de la Culture

          de Clermont-Ferrand, France

1982 Conture-Detour, Goethe Institute, Toronto

1981 Context Galapagos – 10 Variations, Ethel Flavell Gallery, Lindsay, Ontario


2016 Group Exhibition, Art + Labour Gallery, Shanghai, 

2014 #3 Givens, Unarchive + Stairmasters Exhibitions, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

2010 Empire of Dreams, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), Toronto

2009     Global Warning, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (work from the collection)

2001     Twenty Years, Galerie Vu, Quebec City

1999     48 Heures / 48 Chambres, Montreal

1999 Les Peintures, Galerie René Blouin, Montreal

1998 Univers Urbains, Musée du Québec, Quebec City. 

1998     Interstices, Centre d’exposition de Val-d’Or, Val-d’Or, Quebec

1994     Modular Self-Organization, La Cité des Arts, Paris, France

1993     Peinture, New Aquisitions; Musée du Québec, Quebec City

1992     Modular-Organization, Gallery Clara Maria Sels, Dusseldorf, Germany

1990 Collection récent de Pret D’Oeuvres D’Art, Musée du Québec, Quebec City

1981 Ten Toronto Artists, Memorial University, St. Johns, Newfoundland

1980 Seven Toronto Artists, Factory 77, Toronto


2019 Abitation 1608, Bonavista Biennale, Newfoundland, catalogue

2016  Idiorrythmic; Canadian and Chinese Artists, Urban Art Creation Project, Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou, China, catalogue

2014 Unarchive + Stairmasters Exhibitions, January – March, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

2013 Common Ground, Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG), Lethbridge, Alberta: Seeing Is (Not) Believing: Yvonne Lammerich’s Correspondence, Andy Payne, 2008, catalogue, Lethbridge, AB 

2011 Art School [Dismissed], curated by Heather Nicol, Room 13, catalogue p. 84-85, Lakeview Press, Toronto

2010 Old School, Cool School, Heather Nicol, p. 96-101, Canadian Art, Winter 2010-2011

2010 One Hour Empire, catalogue, The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), Phenomenology of the Built Environment, David Liss, p. 007-017

2010 Empire of Dreams: City Sounds, Sky Gooden for MOMUS, July 22 (posted review)

2010 Incidentally: Joan Key and Yvonne Lammerich, curated by Sotiris Kyriakou, The Nunnery, Information Sheets (2)

2008 Yvonne Lammerich & Ian Carr-Harris: Writing to You, Robin Lawrence, The Georgia Straight, Jan. 17-24, p. 46

2008 Gary Michael Dault, Yvonne Lammerich at Diaz Contemporary, Globe & Mail, May 3, p. R23

2008 Yvonne Lammerich: Belief, catalogue, Diaz Contemporary, Toronto

2005 ARCO: contemporary art; ARCO Special, Madrid – A Retrospective: Session 15: Painting Today (catalogue), p. 212-213

2002 L’algèbre  d’Ariane, Galerie Dar Dar, catalogue                        

2001 La Perturbation comme Processus Cognitif, Luce Lefebvre, p. 18, ETC, May, Montreal 

2001 Manifestation international d’art de Québec, Parachute para para, # 001, Montreal

2001 Montreal / Quebec, Anne-Marie Ninacs, Art Press #256, Paris, France

2000 Manif d’art,  Manifestation international d’art de Québec, Québec City catalogue, p.75 

2000 L’assassin habite 6 rue des Brasseur, Francine Hendrick, La Meuse, 

Liege, Belgium

2000 Les nouvelles richesses de l’ornementation, Réjean-Bernard Cormier p. 59 – 65, ETC 

# 52, Montreal

2000 On the Road, Montréal / Québec, Anne-Marie Ninacs, p.64-66, Art Press # 256

2000 Les Artistes en 2000: Yvonne Lammerich: Que sera sera, ETC #50, p.14, Montreal

1999 Yvonne Lammerich, La Montagne Sainte-Victoire à Sherbrooke, Sylvie Parent, 

Galerie d’art du Centre culturel de ‘Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec (catalogue)

1999 Chambre en Ville, Bernard Lamarche, Le Devoir, Mai 9, Montreal,

1999 La Peinture dans tous ses états, Marie-Eve Charron, La Presse, Juillet p. D 10, Montreal

1998 De la transparence au noir et blanc: Jean-Marie Delavalle et Yvonne Lammerich, curated by Susan Avon and Joyce Miller, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, 

September 10 – October18 (brochure)

1998 Univers Urbains, La representation de la ville dans l’art Qébécoise du 

           XX Siècle, Ester Trépanier, catalogue, p. 56-57, Musée du Québec, Quebec City.

1998 Abstraction-creation à Montreal – Peinture-Peinture, Fabian Lebenglik, Plastica, Buenos Aires

1998 Peinture/peinture: Painting Now, Richard Leydier, Art Press #239, p. 63, Paris, France

1998 Peinture-Peinture, Thérèse St-Gelais, Parachute #92, p. 53-54, Montreal 

1998 Peinture-Peinture ou l’élargissement d’un territoire, Martin Désilets, ETC #44, p. 39-42, Montreal

1998 Le tableau en fête, Bernard Lamarch, Le Devoir, Montreal, p. 6-7, Juin/Juillet 

1998 Yvonne Lammerich: That What is Not: La logique de l’art. La peinture, sa syntaxe. Jean- Emile Verdier, catalogue, Editions Paulette Kosity, Montreal

1998 Interview with Yvonne Lammerich, Sylvie Parent, ETC, April/Mai, p. 24-27, Montreal

1998 Quels seraient les enjeux d’aujourd’hui? Yvonne Lammerich, Vie des Arts #170, p. 35, Montreal

1997 Baie-Saint-Paul: two generations of painters, Valerie Lamontagne, ETC # 37, p. 49-54

1997 Fragments du réel, Bernard Lamarch, Le Devoir, p. D7, 8 June, Montreal

1997 De l’un au multiple, Jean-Jaques Bernier, Vie Des Arts #168, Autumn, p. 58, Montreal 

1996 Aleph: Yvonne Lammerich & Arlene Stamp, Joyce Miller, Journal Next, Rome, Italy 

1996 Yvonne Lammerich, Galerie des arts visuels, Université Laval, Patrice Lubier, Parachute #82, p. 47-48, Montreal

1995 Aleph: Yvonne Lammerich & Arlene Stamp at Galerie Optica, Joyce Miller, ETC #29, Montreal 

1994 Feuillets des artistes 1990 – 1994, Vu, Centre d’animation et de diffusion de la photographie, Ville de Québec

1994 Yvonne Lammerich – M.O.S.C. Premum Mobil: construire, déconstruire, reconstruire, catalogue text by Anne Benechou, Academie des Beaux-Arts, Poznan, Poland

1993 Yvonne Lammerich – M.O.S.C. Premum Mobil: construire, déconstruire, reconstruire, catalogue text by Anne Benechou, Galerie Optica, Montreal 

1992 Painting by Dasein, catalogue, text by James Campbell, Galerie Optica, Montreal and Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Dusseldorf

1992 Kunst aus Quebec/Canada, Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Dusseldorf

1992 Yvonne Lammerich, Collection Prêt d’oeuvres d’art, Musée du Québec, Quebec City

1991 Chefs-D’oeuvre de la collection2, p. 76, Michel Nadeau, Musée du Québec, 

Quebec City 

1989 Désire de la mémoire aveugle, Le Mois de la Photo à Montreal, p. 74-75  

1989 Le Mois de la Photo, Sylvain Campeau, ETC. #10 p. 49, Montreal

1989 Gnass, Guimont, Lammerich, poesie et theorie des quanta

           Claire Gravel, Le Devoir, 9 decembre  

1985 Yvonne Lammerich at Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery (pamphlet), Barbara Carouso,  

           Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery 

1984 Deux peintres canadiens, Demain, Juin # 17 Clermont-Ferrand, France 

1982 Yvonne Lammerich at Studio Gallery 9, Liz Wylie, Vanguard, May

1981 Context Gallapagos (pamphlet), Michael Birtch, Art Gallery of Lindsay, ON  

1981 Variations on a rule, John Bentley Mays, The Globe and  Mail, April 7, Toronto

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1978 Works by Offset, Artists in Books, A.C.T. Publication, Toronto

1973 Experimental art in the right setting, Michael White, The Gazette, Jan 20, Montreal


2019      Loly Darcel  Temps Espace Sensible, Centre d’art Jacques-et-Michel-Auger, Victoria     

              Ville, Quebec, November 7 – December 14, 2019. (unpublished)

2018 Chris Klein & Yam Lau: Weave, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, 

Esse # 94, p. 101

2017 Voices: artists on art (joint video project and printed catalogue, with Ian Carr-Harris), Harborfront Centre, Toronto, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Zayed University, UAE

2013 Being Yam Lau: Travels of the Body in the Mind, ETC #99, p. 45-49

2012 Double Back, Jilian Ross and Liam Wylie at Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto, February 17 – March 24 (unpublished review)

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London, UK, September, Features, p. 44-45

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1996 Corps et Eaux: Francesca Penserini et Air et Feu: Jean-Pierre Morin, textes par Yvonne Lammerich, Centre d’exposition d’Amos et autres, catalogue (18 pp)

1995 Carol Martyn: art making life – a retrospective (catalogue) curated by Yvonne Lammerich and Milly Ristvedt, « Carol Martyn », p. 17-21, Gallery Stratford, Ontario

1995 Anatomy of Change, 4 p. in « Joy Walker, 1970–1995: 25 years », 55 Mercer Street Gallery, New York City

1995 Les Structures de l’absence: Pierre Fournier, Galerie Christianne Chassay, Montreal, ETC # 30, p. 33-36

1992 The Empirical Presence: sculptural paradigm, James D. Campbell and Yvonne Lammerich, Espace # 20, p. 48-53

1991 The Empirical Presence; six essays, Galerie Optica, curated by Yvonne Lammerich and James D. Campbell with introduction by Yvonne Lammerich, p. 3


Public Commissions:

Writing to You, with Ian Carr-Harris, St. Julien Square, Vancouver, commissioned by Concord Pacific for the Vancouver Public Art Program

Brick Works, Toronto Transit Commission, (location: St Clair and Vaughan)

Flight, Aeroports de Montreal, Dorval

Respon-ability, Banque Royale, Place Ville Marie, Montreal

Four-Eight Faces, CLSC, Pierre Fonds, Montreal

Selected Public Collections:

Musee du Quebec, Quebec City, collection permanante

Musee de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec

Musee de Beaux Arts, Montreal

Banque d’oeuvres d’art du Conseils des Arts du Canada

Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, Ontario

Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault St. Marie, Ontario 

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario      

Lotto Quebec, Montreal, Quebec

Grants and Prizes:

Numerous grants from the Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council and the Ministry of Culture, Quebec. 1996 She was awarded The Maria Stafford Mid-Career Prize, administered by the Canada Council